Terrorists Attack On Army School In Peshawar

It was normal and very pleasant day of 16 December 2014 Children of army School went to school for attempted their exams. They never think that “it was their last day in the world”. Everyone is Sad :( about this attack and our Innocent Flowers Of Pakistan Are resting in Heaven.

photos of attack and blood of inoccent childs (9)

Few Points Of Information About Peshawar Attack

Suddenly some terrorists attack on School and start firing many children are injured and above from 145 are died. They were the future of Pakistan. That terrorists were belong to the Tehreek-e-Taliban. It was morning time when terrorist entered in the school when they start firing the army reached their quickly after hearing the noise of bullets. The died dozens of children were send to the nearby hospital in wooden box to hand over the bodies to panic-stricken parents who were searching their child.

The teachers of 24 years old of school also died we have hear that one of the teacher come towards the terrorists during attack and said “you will never killed the students before my eyes” the terrorists dropped the naphtha on her and burned her mercilessly and again start firing.

On evening time the attackers were killed and some were arrested by the army. But Alas our small flowers were died they were not only the child of different families they were the childs of Ever Pakistani they were the children of the World’s Muslims families. We are all requesting you  to pray for the children and for the Families who are suffering from black part of their life Allah grant them Sabr-e-Jameel.

photos of attack and blood of inoccent childs (6)

Blood Of Guiltless Students

photos of attack and blood of inoccent childs (5)


photos of attack and blood of inoccent childs (3)

Injured Children In Peshawar Attack

injured student of school

injured student

Died Bodies Of Students In wooden Box

died childs of school

died bodies of child in wooden box

Namaz-e-Jinaza of student

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