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Birthday is a day of joy ‘ enjoyment and celebration and everyone expect a different and beautiful gifts and wishes. Best way to wish someone is “Wishing card” it will look more romantic and special when you made by your hands. Here I will represent you awesome  homemade birthday card for your boyfriend. It will make smile to your love one if you made birthday wishes for your love it will show your love among both of you. Its very easy to make a birthday card at home you just need some accessories for making card you can make easy and quick card and cards of your choice by doing some hard work you can make card fancy.

Romantic Birthday Card For Your Boyfriend:

Easy and quickly made handmade card for your boyfriend you can make easily . here you can get more ideas for handmade card for your loves one. You just want some accessories chart paper’ colorful formic sheet’ gum and cutter. To make this adorable romantic card cut a piece Of chart paper in which size you want here in this pic brown color chart paper is available. Then cut yellow formic sheet in Y shape then O in purple color and U in pink color. After this make + sign in yellow color. In the next line make M in black color E in orange color. It will look like
And you can write another wishes you want. A beautiful card is ready for your boyfriend.

how to make a homemade birthday card for your boyfriend

Colorful Balloons Handmade Birthday Card For Your Boyfriend:

Colorful amazingly Mind blowing handmade birthday card for your love at his birthday to wish him very happy birthday. You just Want some accessories for making this sweet birthday card a chart paper and different color chart paper and also different colored thread and a glue gum. Cut out the card  in which size you want but making this card you must be cut width card. Cut out balloons in different color when you gonna paste balloons on the inner side of card attach thread under the balloons then paste balloons on the card. Joint all the threads and bend them together at the center then cut triangle shape of chat paper and write single single alphabet on it. Happy birthday wishes wrote on it. Your mind blowing card is ready in some time.

how to make a homemade birthday card for your boyfriend (5)

Easiest Layering Handmade Birthday Card:

For making this card first of all cut card in reasonable size and paste pink chart paper having arc design on them or then half piece of purple chart paper after pasting these you have to make a card having drawing of cup cakes and birthday wishes written on the card. You will make it in 15-2 minutes amazing and lovely birthday card is ready.

how to make a homemade birthday card for your boyfriend (3)

3D Candles Handmade Birthday Card:

Hard working  on card will show your love to your boyfriend its time taking and amazingly awesome 3D card. You want red chart paper for the base and attach white chart paper on the inner side cut out lines for making this card 3D then make candles of different chart paper and attached with white chart paper when you will open it. Terrific card will look marvelous.

how to make a homemade birthday card for your boyfriend (2)

Red & White Handmade Birthday Card For Your Boyfriend:

Red is the color of love and it will be best if you make birthday card for your love in red color . you want some needed accessories red arc chart paper ‘ white printed chart paper pink glittered tube and pink rhinestones. Cut red arc paper as a card in which size you like then cut white printed in heart shape paste it on the mid then paste white chart paper on the bottom and make heart by pink glittered tube and paste pink stones on the mid. Simply tremendous lovely handmade birthday card is completed for your love. I hope you will like my awesome creativity and will try it at home.
how to make a homemade birthday card for your boyfriend (1)

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