Indian suits (5)

If want to see Indian suit you can see on my page you will see awesome collection of Indian suits. India is the country of colors and tradition. There are several type of dresses but most common and popular are saree ‘ churidar pajama with shirt and anarkali frock etc. Here I am introduce you very traditional and amazing suits which worn by Indian. Indians love to wear embroidered dresses with bright color combined action these dress having trend many famous designer design Indian traditional dress with a new trend but having old tradition also that is the sign of Indian dresses. Pakistani and Indian dresses having much more similarity  Like frock and salwar kameez is the mutual dress which worn by girls of both countries. By the way here we are talking about Indian dresses which looks very amazing and sizzling you just need to choose of your choice. In Indian dresses girls looks very innocent and sweet. Indian suits fulfill all your demands which you want in a perfect beautiful dress.

Skin & Black Indian Suit:

Amazing Indian suit having two style this dress looking like lehenga kurti but giving the look of frock also. Golden kurti with copper touch having embroidery on the boarder in golden color and having full sleeves. Lehenga having two contrast color upper color is black and having copper and golden flowers embroidery. Lower color is skin and having a embroidered border in golden copper and orange color looking fabulous. You can wear this on the special event or on any festival specially in wedding function. Very beautifully thread embroidered dress. Dopatta is in skin color an having boarder of black and copper ribbon.

Indian suits (3)

Grey Indian Frock:

Tremendous Indian frock beautifully designed and giving very amazing look. Having really beautiful color grey with black touch. Upper part and sleeves of frock is in black color from chest to waist there is shiny grey color stuff lower part of this dress having two part inner side is made by net and having frills upper side having a cut and short than inner side. Upper side is in black color and having grey embroidery of thread. Beautiful frock having floor length and full sleeves of black net. Dopatta is in black color and having grey ribbon around it.

Indian suits (4)

Golden And Black Indian Suit:

Casual but nice Indian dress pair by shirt and trouser. Adorable dress having black shirt which having golden upper area in golden embroidery shirt having golden patch on the shirt boarder. Trouser is in simple golden color and dopatta is in golden and black contrast here in one pic they show one dress is sleeves less and other having black sleeves its your own choice that in what look you want to wear ‘ with sleeves or without sleeves. You can wear this dress on a event and at regular basis.

Indian suits (2)

Awesome Yellow Indian Suit:

Famous actor and model of India here wearing a Indian traditional dress churi pajama with shirt having very bright color yellow with black ‘ white and pink touch looking very trendy and traditional. Shirt is in yellow color having embroidery in black white and pink color on the chest and on the boarder of shirt also on the full sleeves of this dress. Looking very terrific and classy. Churi pajama of this dress is in simple yellow color making curves which looking beautiful. Dopatta is in yellow color having embroidery on the two sides of dopatta and pink ribbon on the other side. Casual and mind blowing Indian dress giving very awesome look.

Indian suits (1)

Orange Anarkali Indian Dress:

Anarkali dress having very amazing history this dress relevant from Mughal empires mughals women mostly wear anarkali dress we following them and giving more trendy look to this dress. Famous designer having anarkali dress in their collection. Beautiful anarkali dress having orange color with amazing contrast color upper part is in simple orange color mid part in in brown and orange print bottom part having embroidered motives in pink green and yellow color. Terrific frock having width bottom which enhancing the beauty of this dress. Dopatta is in orange and green color. You can wear thus dress on any festival or on the wedding event. I hope you enjoyed my marvelous collection of Indian suits.

Indian suits

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