Hair Treatments Before Your Wedding Day (2)

If you have hairs problems and your wedding is nearer and you want silky ‘ shiny beautiful hair Then you should take care of your hairs.  First of all go to salon and told all your hair problem to your hairdresser and get suggestion that what should you have to do with your hairs i must sure your hairdresser will advice you to get hair treatment which remove all your hair problems and give your hairs shiny and silky look. Hairs treatment solve all your hair problems. All the hairs having different types of hair problems like hair falling ‘ dandruff and frizzy hairs there are different kind of treatments for different problems. For solving your problems you should take sitting for treatment it can be 3-4-5 its depend on your hairs condition that how much your hairs are damage and how many sitting they need for best result. Here i’ll guide you about hair treatments which can make your hairs silky and shiny.

1_Refining Hair Spa:

Are your hairs dry ‘ frizzy and also having dandruff problem and you want ideal hairs on your wedding then hair spa treatment is best for it will make you free from all your problems and left your hairs unfroze and beautiful silky. In hair spa proteins are use to manege Your hairs properly our hairs made up of proteins so this treatment will work properly in your hairs. Another treatment you can apply if you have curly hairs its called “keratin spa treatment” in this treatment in first step hair dresser will wash your hairs with exclusive shampoo then a cream will apply on your all hairs for 20 minutes after washing this cream your hairs will be straight and curly problem of your hair you will not found in your hairs.

Refining hair spa

2_Moroccan Oil Treatment:

If your hairs are damaged because of using the hair tools like straightener ‘ curler and hair dryer etc. Moroccan hair oil repair your hairs very well Moroccan oil becomes from argon oil   and having proteins and shine boosting vitamins which make your hairs shiny and silky and your hairs look fine. Just take some Moroccan oil and massage your hairs you can do it at your home. Before every bath bath massage your hairs And you will get very fine hair till your wedding.

Moroccan oil treatment

See More Picture Of Hair Treatments Before Your Wedding Day:

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