I am student of Government Degree College, College Road Gujranwala. I have made an Artical on NAP and our Responsibility and i wanna to share it with all of my Pakistani Friends.



The Government of Pakistan Announced the National Action Plan with Clear object to Eliminate the Terrorists from our country. It has 20 Points, Which nominates the various bodies of Government to function in particular way to eradicate the network of terrorism. At First when we go through this Pan, we the common ordinary people of Pakistan start thinking, What do we have to do with this Plan? Our immediate and superficial answer to this question would be: “We have nothing to do with all these things. It is only the Government.”
It is only the Govt that will implement death sentence of those convicted inthe cases of terrorism.  It is only the Govt that will Stop the re emergence of proscribed organizations. It is only the Govt that will deploy a counter terrorism force. And it is only the Govt that will develop a zero tolerance for the militancy.
No, my dear fellows, No, it is not only the role of govt bu the citizen will also have to come up with sound deductions to remove and destroy these terrorists, if we want to put  an end and put an full stop to this danger and to all these terrorists activities, All of us have to work in collaboration with the Govt.
Now let’s think how can we play our role to make the National Action Plan Successful?national-action-plan-3
Let’s Wander what can we do to eliminate the terrorists from our beloved country Pakistan? The First thing that comes in my mind, Dear Pakistanis” is “Faith” , we should come up with faith that the common ordinary people of Pakistan are stronger as compair to these terrorists. It is well said:
“Faith consists in believing when, it is beyond the power of reason to believe”
Once we strengthen our faith in the strengthen of people, we realize that terrorists can be  killed in two ways:
1: Physically
2: Mentally
Our army, our magnificent  glorious army is destroying terorists physically by fighting them on the battle grounds.national-action-plan-2
What role is left then? The role to kill them mentally. Who will kill them mentally? We, the People of Pakistan, It is our responsibility, to kill these terrorists mentally. Let’s decide today that we will take the initiative and kill these terrorists in to into our minds. Dear Fellows, another responsibility of the people of Pakistan is to stop funding terrorism. The terrorist organizations take advantage  of our religious sentiments and use “Eid” or other religious festivals to make religious donation, which are eventually used to make their terror outfits.
Let’s educate one another and let’s remove intolerance and violence from us. Let’s change our ideological mindset as terrorism is all the game of mindset. Let’s end social injustice as it is causing terrorism. national-action-plan-1
Let’s vow Today that we will try our level best tp bridge the gap between the rich and the poor as this gap has caused people to move towards terrorism, as they need shelter, food and cloth for their family. And the terrorists organizations assure them that they will…
Let’s make a decision that we will end this in justice in our society so we can stop terrorism. In the end, Only want to say that we have to immediately realize our responsibilities towards our country and play a vital role for the successful implementation of the NAP. We all know that Govt make plans to eliminate problems but these plans remain unsuccessful unless the people co-ordinate with Govt.
The NAP will also be succeeded if we, the citizens of Pakistan show willingness to combat terrorism which has become the giant kind of threat for us and giving birth  to massive kind of fear in us. It is very well said:
“The most painful moments and memories eventually lead to the greatest strength and growth in life”
national-action-plan-4It is right time to take chargship and join hand with the govt to make the NAP successful. As the Success of the NAP guarantees the Elimination and complete eradication of terrorism from the soil of Pakistan.
And the elimination of terrorism guarantees the prosperity, peace and freedom of not only Pakistan but also the entire World.

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