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Islamic Veils Guidance For Muslims Women:

Hello guys we will discuss about the HOLY topic that is Guide to Islamic Veils. As far as we know that ISLAM teaches us to keep veils and hide our modesty from the strangers men from the out side of home. ALLAH order the women to keep veils in any condition no matter who are in front of you. you just have to cover your selves. In ISLAM every HOLY and respectable thing is in veils like, THE HOLY QURAN have veil on it, a other example is KHANA KAABA also have GHILAF, this thing shows that the importance of veil.
Every women have to keep veil especially MUSLIM women if a woman don’t keep veil it becomes a big sin and she will be harshly punished by ALLAH and if a woman keep veil ALLAH bless her. We have to learn from the QURAN about veil there is a lot of knowledge in QURAN.

Concept of veil in Islam:

First; in Sura An-Nur (The light) the Quran says:
“And tell the believing women to lower their gazes and be modest, and to
display of their adornments only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms.”
So we have to hide our modesty. There are various kinds of veils in market like, hijab, abaya, niqab, chador, burka and others. Hijab has become famous , mostly girls using it on the daily basis, they go outside , school, college, university , job or another function. Hijab cover the head and chest by scarf. There are many kinds of scarves in market in different styles and shapes. Niqab is use for covering head , chest, neck and mid-back .
Niqab covers the  all face but leave eyes clear for looking outside. Mostly MUSLIM women do niqab.  Abaya is most common, oldest and famous source of veils. Mostly women wear black color of abaya. Abaya is a outfits which covers the whole body of a  women. Women use it when she goes outside. And a scarf  is use for covering  the face. Chador is a long length outer garment which used by the women. Mostly Pakistani and Indian women use it for covering their bodies. Usually it is in black color and worn by the girls and women.

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