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My Mother My Paradise:

I believe one can say that Mother is the greatest blessing of ALLAH towards us. I can say with the guarantee that after the ALLAH and after HIS PROPHET (S.A.W) only The mother is that who can care and love us a lot and a lot. ALLAH says that:
“Paradise lies under the feet of mothers”
OMG how much value of a mother in ISLAM. There is a lot of importance and value of a mother in ISLAM if you respect your mother it is equal to Salaah and keeping fast. On the other hand if u hurt your mother or disrespect her it is similar as big sin and because of this sin you will be harshly punished by ALLAH. ALLAH love those who love others and a mother loves her child more then her self , a mother always take care of her child.

U know why a mother have greatest place in ISLAM?

Because a mother carries her child in her womb for 9 months and bearded pain a lot of pain. She take cares for you when you even don’t know how to walk?
How to eat or how to talk? she understands you when nobody can understand you. A mother always take care for her child. She fulfill your wishes and take a side her own wishes she prefers you upon any costly thing because she loves you a lot. She bears pain for bringing you in the world . A mother become happy when her child are happy. She buys you whatever you need she cooks food for you she teach you how to walk, how to read how to spend life and how to learn.. She makes you a perfect person from a innocent baby , a baby who don’t know that what have to do but a mother teach you what u have to do.
In fact i can’t explain in word that what a mother do for her child it is very difficult to explain but a mother did these all things for you. A mother is responsible for her family , a mother changes a house into home. She always look after you when u fall ill she became worried and cry for you and be healthy for you FROM the ALLAH. on other hand she don’t think that what will you do for her, she want no benefits she just want your happiness. So guess that’s why a mother have greatest place in ISLAM. because a mother do everything for her child without ant cost, that’s why ALLAH lies paradise under the feet of mothers.

mother in ISLAM 2

Mother Holding Newborn Baby's Hand

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