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Party is a get together of different people for sharing conversation, recreation, and a good and memorable time with each other. In parties apart from food and beverage which are the main items to be served, usually music and dancing is also carried out. There are different type of parties i.e. birthday party, welcome party, tea party, dinner party, surprise party etc. But one of the most important parties that are held after completion Of Graduation degree at school, college or university level entitles “Graduation Party.

In many places graduation parties are thrown to celebrate graduation from school, college or university but the way of carrying out these parties differ throughout the world. All graduated students from school, college or university dress up properly at the party day. They seem excited and tried to look different and more beautiful then each other. They not only seem excited because of the party thrown for them but also of the completion of their graduation degree.

Not only the students but their parents also seem excited that their son/daughter has completed his/her degree with the blessing of God.

Outstanding students are especially acknowledged and appreciated by teachers during party. They were promised to be always missed. Students do different performances on party stage to gain attention and to make surrounding happy. Students also dedicate their worm wishes and love to their teachers.

At the end students say good bye to their teachers, friends, and college/university with a spirit to move forward and make a bright future. graduation party picture

Graduation. Mortarboard and diploma. 3d

graduation party with friends

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