Chinese Wedding (1)

Marriage is a holy relation between groom and bride every religion allows to do marriage but every religion followers having different style of celebration wedding dresses style ‘ tradition everything is different. People do marriage for love ‘ for new generation and for other purpose here we will talk about “Chinese wedding” as we know all the religion have different style Chinese also get married with very unique style. There are two type of marriage in Chinese religion one is typical traditional and other like western styles which follows the tradition of american.

Chinese Wedding Dresses:

There are two types wedding dresses one is traditional dress and other is western dress white floor length gown and bal gown wedding attires. Traditional dress of Chinese bride is in red color with blue headpiece and which looks so lovely as we all know that red is a color of love and marriage is a relation of love so red dress is perfect for wedding. Groom wear blue wedding gown on that red wedding sash making sign of “X” and usually modern groom like to have bow or flower to for embellishment of sash. Both groom and bride looks so sweet in these dresses.

Chinese wedding dresses

Chinese Wedding Invitations:

Invitations cards are use yo invites friends ‘ relatives and beloved on your wedding its very oldest way to invite someone on your marriage. Invitations card sent to your beloved before the marriage by post or by a person. Usually Chinese wedding invitations cards are in red color having wide and lengthy shape writing on card is in golden color of wealth and loyalty. Firstly name of groom and bride written on the card with well wishes and then date ‘ time of wedding is mentioned and at the last address where wedding will be held is written clearly.

Chinese wedding invitation

Chinese Wedding Traditions:

In Chinese wedding parents of groom seated on the chairs and bride stand in front of them and offer tea to her mother in all its a traditional way to make her mother in all groom stand with her bride and support her. They say thanks to God made them for each other. But the modern Chinese firstly accept the relation by saying “yes’ I do” then kiss each other after this they cut cake and at last enjoy Wayne.

Chinese wedding traditions

Chinese Traditional Holy rites:

Chinese recite their holy book in that six rites are written beautifully and there are following six rites:
1_Nacai- formal proposal
2_wenming – giving of the eight characters of prospectives bride to the groom’s side
3_ Naji- placement of the eight characters at the ancestral alter to confirm compatibility
4_nazheng- sending of betrothal gifts to the bride and return gifts to the prospective groom
5_qingqi- selection of an auspicious wedding date
6_  qinying – wedding ceremony

Chinese follow these rites when they are going to get married.

Chinese traditional holy rites

Chinese Wedding Decoration And Gifts:

Chinese wedding mostly held in wedding halls which decor by red lamps which are having very decorative look. They mostly having red decoration in their weddings. Chinese guest give the couple a red envelope in which they keep money as a gift envelop is beautifully designed. Some relatives give red pillows and blanket. Room of couple decor by chunlian  which hung on the doors and window of room.

Chinese wedding decoration and gifts

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