Essay First deserve then desire with some Examples of Pakistan

I am here to show my firm belief in the saying that we have to first deserve then desire. We must prove ourselves worthy, that we deserve what we desire. Man, A social Animal, has developed a spirit to be able to live with others and living with other bestows upon him if some rights then a lot of obligations.
It is well said:
“If you feel like you deserve better it is because you do”
These obligations will be performed in order to cherish one’s desire. only then one will deserve to enjoy one’s wishes, desires and aspirations. Man , All and everywhere, wherever he be, at whatever place or position, circle or circumstances must know what his obligations towards the society, country and fellow men are.
The sense of obligation makes you deserve whatever you desire. If the sense of obligation goes missing, life loses its meaning and all your desires remain un-cherished.
As a Pakistani, i want my country to be strong and prosperous and this desire can be fulfilled if we first deserve to cherish this desire. We have to make our country economically stable, industrially advanced, socially united and spiritually firm first and then we will deserve a prosperous, strong and great Pakistan.
we the desirous people, will develop a spirit….
A spirit to sacrifice our all, our everything in the service of the country… not even to care for our life when the protection of the honor of our country has been at stake. This spirit will govern and guide us and paved the way to make us deserve what we desire the prosperous, strong and great Pakistan.

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